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FAQ and Contact Info

Contact Information

Health Department – 732-739-5136
Metal and E-Waste Pickup – 732-217-8700
Property Maintenance – 732-739-5133
Public Works – 732-739-5428
Recycling Office – 732-739-5154

Other Resources

Monmouth County Information: Monmouth Reclamation Center 
Monmouth County Recycling Web Page
Monmouth County Household and Hazardous Waste Information

NJ DEP Resources:
NJ DEP Recycling Information
Electronics Recycling in New Jersey

Federal Resources:
US EPA Recycling Resources
Resources for Students and Educators


If you have questions about Keyport Recycling, this website, garbage collection or if your recyclables or regular trash were not collected on schedule or you have health-related questions, call the Health Department at 732-739-5136.

Metal and E-Waste Pickup

Please call 732-217-8700 and provide your name, address and phone number and the items to be picked up. Someone will return your call and arrange an appointment for pickup. Please do not put items on at the curb without an appointment. Doing so could result in a summons.


All hazardous waste disposal can be done at the Monmouth County Reclamation Center. See below and/or call 732-683-8686, ext. 5210 or click here for their website.


Composting is an easy way to reduce waste, reintroduce valuable nutrients into the environment and produce fantastic gardens! Visit Earth Machine’s Website for some valuable information about backyard composting.


If you you would like to take your bulk or construction debris which cannot be disposed of in Keyport’s scheduled pickups, you can call the Monmouth County Reclamation Center at 732-583-8686, ext. 5600 or 5601 or click here for their website.


All hazardous waste disposal can be done at the Monmouth County Reclamation Center. See below and/or call 732-683-8686 or click here for their website. Some of the more common items are below:


LATEX PAINT IS NOT a Hazardous Waste
Please let the paint dry in the can and dispose of in your non-recycleable trash.

Residents needing to dispose of oil paints or chemicals can dispose of these household hazardous wastes at the County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility. No appointments needed.

Asbestos (Shingles and Siding)

Follow proper handling and transport procedures. Breaking/crushing asbestos releases dangerous fi bers into the air. Kept intact, it is less harmful. Call the Monmouth County Health Department Solid Waste Enforcement Team 732-683-8686, Ext. 5658 for handling instructions.

Ammunition, Fireworks, Gunpowder, Boat Flares

 Residents looking to dispose of explosives such as any of the above should contact the Keyport Police Department for instructions – (732) 264-0706