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Section 3 Schedule

Section 3 Includes:
Atlantic, Brook, Burtina, Center, Church, Clark, Colucco, Division, First, Front (East), Florence, Hall, Highway 36, Hurley, Jackson, Main (south of Hwy 36), Maple Place, Monroe, Octavia, Osborn, Pimper, Raritan, Union, Van Dorn, Warren

SECTION 3 weekly curbside collection of non‐recyclable solid waste is THURSDAY. Place all solid waste curbside on scheduled day; exceptions are New Year’s Day, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day; they will be picked up the following day.

Borough Ordinance 16‐5.3(1) requires trash containers NOT to exceed 50 gallons in size and 50 pounds when loaded. Container limitations for solid waste pick‐up are as follows:

Single family 3 cans
Multi family 6 cans
Commerical properties 4 cans.