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Should I Recycle It?

There are certain items that you must recycle in Keyport and can be left at the curb for pickup on your scheduled recyclables pickup day during the week:

Please do not use plastic bags for any recyclables. Place all GLASS, JARS and METAL CANS in a container. Do not use plastic bags.


Mandated Recyclable: Food and beverage bottles and jars are acceptable. DO NOT INCLUDE: ceramics, dishes, glassware, lightbulbs, windows, bottle caps or lids.


Mandated Recyclable: Aluminum cans, tin cans and bi-metal cans (tin cans with aluminum lids) are all accepted. Please empty and rinse these items before recycling them. Non-hazardous aerosol cans are also accepted. DONOTINCLUDE: aluminumfoil,plates,traysorcookware or any metal scrap. It is OK to leave labels on the items.


Mandated Recyclable: Sorting plastic helps produce high-quality recycled products. Manufacturers print a standard code on the bottom of every container indicated by the numbers 1-7. ONLY recycle Types 1 and 2 with a “pourable’ neck smaller than the body. Number 1 Polyethylene Teraphthalate PET, PETE Soft drink, water, soda bottles or number 2 High Density Polyethylene HDPE Detergent bottles are both acceptable.


Do not throw leaves or grass in the trash. Any vegetation such as leaves and plants should either be left on the lawn, composted or brought in brown leaf bags to the County Reclamation Center for a fee.  Borough Ordinance 16-8.3 prohibits the disposal of “yard debris” in the street.
Do NOT dispose of vegetation in the right of way (street, sidewalk, etc). Vegetation will clog storm sewers which will cause flooding and will add to waterway pollution. Summonses may be issued to violators of this ordinance.


Paper items such as cardboard shipping boxes (waffle section between layers), chipboard (cereal boxes), white/color paper, junk mail, magazines, softcover books, wrapping paper/non-metallic and Newspapers including inserts are all accepted. DONOTINCLUDE: grease/food-stained cardboard (pizza boxes) or waxed cardboard, food wrappers, paper plates and cups, napkins, paper towels or items from food/hygiene use, newspaper used for pet waste or household projects.


Depending upon the item, Keyport Borough will collect certain bulk items from your curbside on your regularly-scheduled garbage pickup day. Refer to the recyclables table for more information.

When, Where, How Should I Recycle?

Glass and Plastic

What: Bottles and Containers 1 and 2 only
When: CP Recycling Day Remove Caps and Lids
Where: Curb or Recycling Center
How: In container mixed with metals – NO plastic bags.

What: Plastic Toys
WhenBULK days  Where: Curb
How: Discard with TRASH or please donate them!


What: Aluminum & Tin Cans
WhenCP Recycling Day Remove Caps and Lids
Where: Curb or Recycling Center
How: In container mixed with Glass and Bottles – NO plastic bags.

What: Household Appliances (ACs, Fridges, Freezers, etc.)
When: Varies – by appointment.
Where: Curb or Recycling Center
How: Self Drop or Call 732-217-8700 for curb side pick up
NOTEMust get sticker ($20) from Borough Hall for AC units and refrigerators and remove refrigerator doors.


What: Newspaper/Junk Mail Office Papers Books/Magazines Cardboard/Boxes
WhenCP Recycling Day
Where: Curb or Recycling Center
How: Tie in bundles or place in a container – NO plastic bags. 
NOTE: Includes food boxes
(cereal, pasta, cake mix, crackers, etc.), shoe & gift boxes

CONFIDENTIAL PAPERS can be shredded annually at County Shredding Events. 

Household Bulk Items

What: Household Items and Carpeting
When: Weekly with your trash.
Where: Curb or Recycling Center
How: ONE item per pickup at the curb. 
NOTE: ROLL AND TIE CARPETING Cut the length to 6 feet maximum. Limit is 4 rolls of 6′ carpet per bulk pickup. 



What Is The Law Regarding Recycling?

Recycling law in Keyport is primarily covered in Borough Ordinance Chapter 16, Streets, Sidewalks and Sanitation. Chapter 16, section 6 specifically covers the rules and regulations of recycling.

Highlight – Yard Debris Will Clog Our Sewers

In an effort to prevent yard debris such as grass, leaves and other vegetation from adversely impacting our storm sewer system, the following section of Ordinance Chapter 16 was established:  16-8.3 Yard Waste Collection; Prohibited Conduct. The owner or occupant of any property or any employee or contractor of such owner or occupant engaged to provide lawn care or landscaping services, shall not sweep, rake, blow or otherwise place yard waste, unless the yard waste is containerized, in the street. If yard waste that is not containerized is placed in the street, the party responsible for placement of yard waste must remove the yard waste from the street or said party shall be deemed in violation of this section.