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Recycling in Keyport

Welcome to Keyport Recycles, your centralized resource for recycling in Keyport Borough. This website is made possible through the cooperation of the Keyport Borough Recycling Committee, Mayor and Council, and the Keyport Borough Administration.

By separating your unwanted materials, collectively known as solid waste, into various categories, less waste is buried in the landfill. Recyclables are reused to create new products. This helps to save the earth’s natural resources and improves our quality of life. The list of federal, state and local recyclables has grown over the years and we ask you to recycle as much as you can by using our simple program.

Why Recycle?

Municipalities in Monmouth County generate tons of garbage each year. Most of it is transported to the landfill in Tinton Falls, where it will stay forever.

Currently, only about 52% of the garbage in Monmouth County is recycled. Recyclable items do NOT go to the landfill, which saves money and protects the environment. Recycled items can also be made into new products.


Food and beverage bottles and jars are recyclable. Click here for more information.


Aluminum cans, Tin cans and Bi- metal cans are all recyclable. Click here for more information.


Sorting plastic helps produce high-quality recycled products. Keyport recycles only certain types of plastic containers. Click here for more information.               


Cardboard shipping boxes, mixed paper including: chipboard, white/color paper, junk mail, etc. are all recyclable. Click here for more information.

Other Recyclables

There are other items that you can recycle at the Borough Recycling Center or at the Monmouth County Recycling Facilities


Keyport collects BAGGED leaves. Grass clippings can be mulched on the lawn, added to compost or brought to drop off at County Recalamtion Center (landfill) for a fee. DO NOT THROW GRASS IN THE TRASH.


Keyport collects ONE bulk item with the normal trash. These items are limited to certain types of bulk items. NO CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS allowed.


Silver “button” batteries and rechargeable batteries/battery packs (like those found with power tools, laptops, etc.) must be brought to a recycling depot. Regular household A, AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt batteries can be thrown in the trash. Click here for more information.

This Week’s Schedule

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